Whether you’re a Buyer or Seller of an existing Baytown property or building new, you have tremendous benefits to gain from our Professional Baytown Home Inspection Services.  We offer a full range of Professional Home and Commercial Real Estate Inspection Services at the best possible prices found in the Greater Houston area.  Our customer satisfaction and Home Inspection Reputation is second to none.  Visit out website Reviews to gain a full appreciation of our excellent customer services, client reviews and great inspection pricing.  We are your preferred Home Inspectors in the Baytown, TX Area providing a full range of Home Inspector’s Services.

Baytown Home Inspections Include:

We offer a full range of Baytown, TX Home Inspection Services. Common home inspection items include…

  • Structural Components

  • Plumbing | Grading | Drainage | Ventilation

  • HVAC Systems & Mechanical | Water Heating Systems

  • Roof Cladding | Attic Spaces

  • Interior / Exterior Walls | Ceilings | Floors | Doors | Windows

  • Fireplace / Chimney

  • Appliances

  • Electrical Components

  • & MoreClick Here For a more detailed list!

Interesting Facts / History About Baytown, TX !

  1. Baytown was first settled around the early 1800’s , but wasn’t founded until 1948.

  2.  In 1908, an oil strike was made, oil exploration began in the Goose Creek area which became the first offshore drilling operation in Texas.

  3. In 1919 a refinery was built in Baytown. Over the next several years the population increased from 20,000 to almost 70,000. (Current population is approx. 76,800)

  4. Famed Robert E. Lee High School Band played at the opening of the ASTRODOME!

  5. Baytown, TX is the 278th Largest city in the U.S. , Only two cities in the U.S. are named Baytown !

  6. The large oak tree in the middle of Texas Avenue is one of Baytown's oldest landmarks.

Valuable Information for Potential / Current Baytown Residents

We have been providing Home Inspection & Commercial Inspection services in the Baytown, TX area for over a decade! Need info on a Commercial Inspection in Baytown? Click Here!

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