Builder's Warranty

One of the most crucial points in the first year of owning a New Home is the builders warranty. This is your final opportunity to present issues to your builder and they are obligated to repair or replace the faults. Once this period is over you are financially responsible as the owner to fix any issues that may arise. The only two cases in which this is not true is the foundation and mechanical. Most builders carry a 10 year foundation warranty that covers just the foundation. While most builders cover mechanical issues for a 2 year period.  But good luck getting the builder to honor anything past the 1 year mark.

One of the main reasons this inspection is so pivotal, it established a written history of occurrences going on at this time. What this means is, if something is established on paper before the warranty expires then they could be liable to pay for the issue if it progress later on. Say for instance we note a plumbing vent stack on the roof that is shifting and to repair it they come back and just seal around the new opening. Three years later it has continued to shift enough to reopen a gap capable of allowing water to enter. If the water enters and cause interior damage along with roof damages the price tag to fix the issue could be substantial. By having this report as documentation, you then have a basis to approach the builder and explain that the issue persisted and their fix wasn't sufficient.  

Another satisfying outcome to this inspection is the reassurance that you still have a new home, and also that you bought a solid home from a reliable builder. Once we complete the report and forward the findings to you the client, you can then relay them on to the builder. After they come back and perform the necessary repairs, your home will be as good as the day you moved in!