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πŸ”¨   Licensed Professional Houston Home Inspector with over 9,000 + Property Inspections Performed

πŸ”¨   Free THERMAL (Infrared) IMAGING Included with all Full Home Inspection Services

πŸ”¨   Full Time Home Inspector - Not a Part-Time Or Weekend Inspector

πŸ”¨   Detailed & Comprehensive Home Inspection Reports with Digital Photos

πŸ”¨   Inspection Reports are Delivered The Same Night via Email

πŸ”¨   Great Home Inspection Services at Affordable Prices!

πŸ”¨   We Inspect ALL of the Greater Houston Area, Click Here To Read Houston Home Inspection REVIEWS!

πŸ”¨   100% Satisfaction Guaranteed - Click Here for more details

πŸ”¨   No Additional Fee for Older Homes (Unlike other Inspectors)

πŸ”¨   One Stop Services ( New Homes, Existing, Commercial, Building Inspections, FREE THERMAL IMAGING,                 Pools/Spas, Water Wells & Septic Systems ) ( 3rd Party WDI - Termite Inspections For an additional fee )

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ   30 YEAR RETIRED MILITARY VETERAN Operating A Christian Based Locally Owned Business

πŸ”¨   I Represent You, The Client, Not the Seller, Real Estate Broker/Lender/Agent or Builder

Specializing in Residential Home Inspection & Commercial Inspection Services in Houston, TX.


Residential Home Inspections

Looking to purchase/sell a home in the Greater Houston, TX Area? Don't go at it alone, be protected with ATEX on your side!

Commercial Property Inspections

Houston Home Inspections Services | Home Inspectors houston

If you are interested in acquiring/selling a commercial property, you need our services to help with the negotiation process.

Phase | Home Warranty Inspections

Houston Home Inspections Services | Home Inspectors houston

Building your dream home from the ground up can be rewarding, have ATEX closely examine each step to ensure proper building techniques.



β€œ Robert's reports are amazing. He is professional but also very sociable and funny. We definitely will use him in the future and highly recommend him for your home inspection. His service is worth every penny! ”

- Max V. Houston, TX



Common Areas Around Houston We Inspect!

These are just a few of the Areas we perform Home Inspections & Commercial Inspections at on a daily basis in & around the Greater Houston Area. Click on each City name to read more about the selected city!




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