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We were referred to ATEX Inspects & Robert Welch by another very happy customer. Thank goodness we decided to get a third party inspection on our new home, Robert saved us from a real dud and a builder that has since gone into bankruptcy. Because of his extremely thorough inspection, we found several repairs that needed to be made to the home before we could close. The builder refused to make them so we walked away. We then hired Robert to inspect the next home we decided to purchase and he found the home to be in much better condition. We are currently living in the home and could not be happier with our decision to hire Robert before closing on a new home. We highly recommend ATEX Inspects!
— Jac Worthley - Home Buyer
As a single mother trying to buy a home, I really appreciate Mr. Robert Welch’s professionalism. He treated me with a great deal of respect.
— JD Winkler - Home Inspection Client
ATEX (Robert) did a very thorough and professional job inspecting our new home. I highly rate his services and would recommend him to anyone purchasing a new home.
— M Cauliro - Home Inspection Client
Robert is a very good, extremely thorough home inspector. He took his time to carefully evaluate all of our home’s strengths and weaknesses and provided us with a detailed report. It was clear he had considerable knowledge and experience. His price was also quite reasonable and well worth it.
— J. Williams - Sugar Land Home Buyer's Inspection
I’m so thankful that I found ATEX Inspects on the internet. As a result of Robert Welch inspecting our New Home Construction for me, I saved myself a lot of money and heartache. During his thorough walk through and around the outside of the home, he found cracks in the foundation and shoddy/sloppy work elsewhere. Needless to say, I walked away from the deal. Plus, Robert is a Christian which is very important to me.
— S. Thornton - Internet Home Inspection Client
Excellent First Inspection on first home I purchased. Checked everything. Even suggested things I need to fix or maintain.
— S. Timroth - Sugar Land Home Inspection Client
He is very detailed and takes great interest in the job he does, I called him NUMEROUS times to take care of the homes I have been interested in, he saved me from buying a serious lemon house. Will definitely recommend to EVERYONE!!
— N. Massah - Satisfied Home Buying Client
My husband and I needed to get our home inspection done to complete our home purchase. ATEX Inspects was able to come out and complete the inspection just a few days after Hurricane Ike, and we were able to close on our house. He also has had the same home inspection prices for 11 YEARS!
— Raquel W. - Satisfied Home Inspection Client
I am a licensed real estate agent who highly recommends ATEX Inspects to my clients. ATEX does a very good job with the inspection, and gets the report out to the client within 24 hours of the inspection. Highly recommend.
— S. Schwing - Houston Real Estate Agent
Mr. Welch did a great job inspecting my house!! I am recommending him to all of my friends in the area. He was very dependable and detail oriented. Thanks ATEX!!!!
— R. Head - Satisfied Houston Home Inspection Client & Home Buyer
I hired ATEX Inspects on two separate occasions. ATEX Inspects provides excellent service and timely inspection reports. Robert Welch, owner of ATEX Inspects is professional and courteous. ATEX Inspects is very accommodating in meeting customer deadlines. I highly recommend ATEX Inspects for all home inspection services.
— V. Salazar - Home Inspection Client
I would definitely use ATEX Inspects again. My husband and I as first time home buyers were so nervous! Robert kept very personable, had a great attitude, fun to talk to, so informative and thorough. He was honest, and his pictures found themselves more valuable than we ever imagined after we got damage from Ike! If we buy another home in the future I will always contact Robert first! I can’t think of a better Christian man to give my business to!
Semper Fi
— John and Kim Smith - Pleased Home Inspection Clients
My customers who have used Robert Welch for pre-purchase inspections have always been very pleased with his service, thorough-ness and his reports which are easy to understand and illustrated, helping them to make the right decisions on whether to purchase or not. I shall continue to recommend his services.
— L. Beaver - Houston Real Estate Agent
I was buying a house last year and I contacted (281) 216 1171 Robert, he answered the telephone, he was out of town serving the country, I told him I will wait, then when he came back to Houston, I hired him to inspect my future home, I am so glad I did, he is very professional, honest, and experienced. I am going to buy another house soon and I am going to hire him again and I already recommended him to everyone I know. Best Services and Best Prices, I recommend him as a Top Inspector in Houston, Texas!
— N. Midway - Home Buyer Houston Texas
I highly recommend ATEX Inspects! I bought a house in Houston, the mortgage company waited to the last minute to require a foundation inspection. ATEX inspected it a day after a Tropical storm went through. In 24 hours I had my inspection report. Robert is fantastic!
— D. Powell - Home Inspection Client
Thorough and reliable inspection, we had 2 homes inspected by Robert of ATEX. He was very friendly, honest, and complete. I would use him again and recommend his services.
— J. W. C. - Home Inspection Client





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