Picking The Right Home or Commercial Inspector For You!

Are YOU in the process or thinking of maybe purchasing a property in the near future? One thing you should do your research on and not just pick the first flashy one you see is, your INSPECTOR! Think about when you are buying a home, you don't usually just see a picture of the house and say, Yup that's the one, don't even need to see it it person, do you?!

Some of the questions you want to get answered are....


1. How long have you been in business??

A lot of the new inspectors are spending tons of money on a big fancy website that has been critiqued by a company to make it show up on the first page of Google's Searches. Being up front doesn't mean you know what you are doing. We have been around for over a decade and created our website on our own!


2. How many inspections would you estimate you have performed?

Like above many of them are fresh out of the Real Estate School, basically still have training wheels on, that's not who you want to call to protect you and your Big Investment. You want someone who is experienced in the field in every aspect! Someone who has performed over 7,500 inspections!


3. How long does your inspection take?

Many Inspectors both new and old, are notorious for speeding through inspections so they can have high quantity numbers. The problem with that is it decreases QUALITY. Here at ATEX Inspects LLC we concentrate on you the client and delivering an expert grade quality service. We know that our work speaks for itself, let it work for you!


4. Do you use Infrared Thermal Technology?

Lately, we've noticed a lot of new Home Inspectors putting out blogs and articles stating that Infrared capabilities are a bogus claim. We do agree that some overstate their uses but they are a very impactful tool. I might not be able to tell you the temperature accurately down to a hundredth of a degree, BUT it will show if there is current moisture there. Which might not be visible to the naked eye. Same goes for insulation, it shows that the insulation in a wall has compressed over time and left voids. But no it doesn't show me what's behind the wall like some Home Inspectors claim.


5. What are your average prices, how often do you change them?

We know of some Home Inspection Companies that literally are out of their minds when it comes to fees. It's like buying Louis Vuitton, they know some people will pay MORE because they think the company abides by the notion : If it costs more you are going to get more. And some of the companies use this to their advantage and change two and three times what they should be charging. We know some companies that charge $900 for what costs $350 with us. Also their prices vary all the time, are prices have remained constant for the past decade because we know what service we deliver and what a fair price for that is. 


6. When will the report be delivered?

Here at ATEX Inspects LLC we understand the urgency of returning the thorough report to the client as promptly as possible. With the pressure of the option period closing in, we have our reports our to the clients the same night that the Home or Commercial Inspection is performed! 


7. Why should you choose them over others?

If they can't answer this with a quick and well thought out response then they don't deserve the business. We are a family owned local business ran by a 29 year Army Veteran and Decorated Officer. We offer same day reports, and free Thermal Imaging with every Inspection! 

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