Is It Time To Go Tankless ?! (Water-Heater)

Are you frustrated with running out of hot water? That would no longer be an issue with one of these space saving & energy efficient units.

Traditional tank style water heaters typically waste 40-50 % of the fuel used to power the unit. We constantly have to burn fuel to keep them powered 24/7 just to have hot water on command.

Typical units also hinder certain worries such as… Will they spring a leak? Could it be filled with energy nabbing sediment? Could it explode from the pressure ?!

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New Compact tankless water heater supply hot water on demand with high energy savings & nearly no risk of damages from a potentially failing unit.

To start, the energy savings can be around 100$ a year. Though, it might not sound like a lot, after several years it could add* up to the cost of a new unit. Not only is it more efficient, its also safer. While not having to have a tank capacity for hot water on demand, it doesn’t run the risk of a large spill (30-40 gallons) as does a typical tank unit. Also without the pressurized tank, it doesn’t run the same risk of exploding.

Sounds like a no-brainer right ?! There are some minor drawbacks. They can be sensitive to low flow. What this means is that if you have mineral build up in the plumbing lines or the fixture strainers (below 0.3 GPM) then the unit can shut off. Also tankless units are quite expensive with average units being around $1,000 compared to $500 for typical tank versions. But with the energy savings, if they last their typical life-span, you would make the difference back before the unit expired.

All in all - should you switch to a TANKLESS water heater? If you are in the market for a new unit you might surely consider switching over. But personally, I wouldn’t make the switch until my current unit gave out !

If you have any questions concerning water heaters or anything with a house in general, feel free to ask !!