How To Find A Qualified Home Inspector In Houston, Texas Area !

How to find a Commercial / Home Inspector in Houston or Texas in general?

1. In Texas you can visit TREC for a list of inspectors or ask your Realtor if they have used any inspectors they have been satisfied with.  You can also Google for home inspectors, but keep in mind, Google rankings are based on over 200 search terms, none of which relate to how good the inspector is at inspecting properties.

2. When you speak with the inspector, ask the following:

  • Number of years experience as an inspector?

  • If you are buying a commercial property, what experience has the inspector had in this area of real estate?

  • Does the inspector include photos in the report?

  • How long is a typical inspection report and does the inspector have samples you can review?  Are these samples listed on their web site?

  • Background and building experience?

  • How long does an average home inspection take?

  • Number of inspections they have completed?

  • Tools they use during the inspection process?

  • Do they perform inspection full-time?

  • Does the inspector have experience with the type of property you are buying? 

  • You can find a more detailed list of inspector questions at the HUD or FHA web sites.

3. Hire someone that is familiar with the area you are buying or building and has inspected homes built by the home builder you are using. 

4. The inspection will be structural, mechanical, electrical, pluming and HVAC.  If you have additional features like water wells and septic systems, is the inspector experienced to inspected these as well ?

5.  It is important that all utilities are turned on to the property to allow the home inspector to perform the inspection properly.  If the property is a foreclosure, is the inspector experienced in inspecting foreclosed property's ?

6.  Price should be the last factor when deciding on a home inspector, but unfortunately it is tops on most home buyers and investors list of priorities.

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